St. Patrick's Day

We celebrate St. Patrick’s day on the 17th March. We all wear something green. We also wear a bunch of shamrock on our coats. There are parades.

Shamrock is a plant that grows only in Ireland and was used by St. Patrick to symbolise the Trinity. It is like a three-leafed clover.

It is said that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. They all went into the sea and drowned. It is true that today there aren’t any snakes in Ireland.

Parades are held around the country. The biggest is in Dublin. There are lots of bands, floats and children dancing and singing in the streets. There are many parades outside of Ireland as well as in over 100 American cities which hold Saint Patrick’s Day Parades.

Leprechauns are Irish fairies that are about 2 feet tall and look like little old men. They are dressed like a shoemaker. They are very special as they have a pot of gold.

Green Clothes
It is said that we wear green clothes because if we don’t , we will be pinched. Green is also the colour of spring and the shamrock.

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